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The Killing Depths

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by Martin Roy Hill  US United States

May 11, 2013   |    1,355 reads    |   0 comments

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The Killing Depths - Book coverThe USS Encinitas, the first killer submarine crewed by both men and women, prowls the western Pacific seeking a renegade Iranian sub armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. Her mission: to destroy the enemy vessel before it can unleash a nuclear hell. Aboard the American sub, NCIS Special Agent Linus Schag hunts another monster, an unknown serial killer whose psychopathic urges have left a trail of dead women behind on shore. As the Encinitas battles the Iranian submarine, Schag must identify the killer before his—or her—blood lust destroys the submarine and everyone on board.
“A non-stop thrilling adventure.” — Mallory Hearts Review

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