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The Language Of Love

by Jhonny Thermidor  US United States

September 20, 2009   |    1,527 reads    |   0 comments

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The Language Of LoveThis is my first book full of joy and inspiration. It contains over 60 poems & Quotes. It helps you not to give up as you struggle in life, but to maintain your relationship, your life. It is full of love poems starting from romance, lost love to inspiring love and life Quotes. It can also help you resist against any negativity, obstacles, and challenges you may face in your life. As you read these unique beautiful poems full of hope, image, metaphor, you'll realize how The Language of Love is written not to have you lost in a world so overwhelmed, but instead to ameliorate your relationship, to heal your personal world, to help you enjoy your everyday life while highlighting the existence of God In your mind.

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