The Making of Dual Mania

Filmmaking Chicago Style
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by Joseph Strickland US United States

co-author: Cat Ellington

September 21, 2018

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The Making of Dual Mania - Book coverInspired by the feature film produced, written, and directed by Chicago filmmaker Joseph Strickland, The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style is a boldly personal account of what it takes to create, produce, and direct an independent feature film in current times.
The nonfiction narrative takes the reader through the sometimes hilarious, frustrating, and bewildering film production process with the fiercely creative Strickland, along with co-authors B.J. Patterson and Cat Ellington, witnessing a fiery account of his own firsthand experiences through the menacing highs and lows of independent filmmaking in Chicago.
With a fascinating foreword by Cat Ellington, The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style also features in-depth interviews with the filmmakers, detailed storyboards, behind the scenes photos, and the original motion picture screenplay.

Author's Note: 

The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style renders a personal account of what it took - on the part of the filmmakers - to adapt the feature film from script to screen. And it had been an honor having Cat Ellington and B.J. Patterson along for the wild ride.


Film Book
I actually learned a lot about the movie making industry, especially the independent sector, after reading this book, The Making of Dual Mania by Chicago author Joseph Strickland. Passionate, detailed and humorous, this journal reveals a lot about what a person actually will experience in the many hurdles along the way of writing and directing a movie. Good stuff.
movie trailer for Dual Mania
Nice! Looking forward to seeing the movie!
Book Review of the Making of Dual Mania
Cool book! Highly recommended! Copy of the original script was a plus. Film lovers will like this one a lot.
Movie trailer for Dual Mania
Looks exciting, man! I love thrillers too!
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