The Nihilism

The Nihilism (book) by Riccardo Dri

21 September, 2010

THE NIHILISM (from calamity to opportunity) Introduction Nihilism: The most misunderstood concept in history. Who wants to read a book titled "nihilism" should know they won't face a missal for Sundays. All texts dealing with this topic, in fact, revolve around the "death of God". On the contrary this book, taking a few steps back does not ask first of all why God dies, but why God was born. Here its originality. If the gods, as the optimistic, Socratic, edifying, philosophies have been just "remedies", this text asks the "versus" they are remedies. Finitude and, more specifically, the mortality of man is the answer. It's subtitle: "From the evil to the opportunity," alluding to the fact that after the decline of all traditional, conventional and supreme values, lived with dismay and confusion, it is time that the wreck starts working for us.

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