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The Other Side of Loss

Book by Tom Vaughan

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September 2, 2016  |  1,524 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Other Side of Loss (book) by Tom VaughanWhen the Revd Robert Melton first arrives at St Mungo's, his initial enthusiasm quickly turns to despondency - until the biggest jackpot in US lottery history triggers a series of uncanny events that throws him, and the seemingly unconnected lives of people on both sides of the Atlantic, into a vortex of questioning, self-doubt and the search for truth. For all of them, try as they might to escape it, the past remains a constant presence.

From the run-down despair of Robert's dying inner London parish to the yearnings for love and physical contact of the city's social outcasts - and from the money-driven hubris of Manhattan's financial elite to the home-spun wisdom of rural New England - The Other Side of Loss is a modern-day parable of loss and redemption, of despair and triumph, of human weakness and the life-affirming salvation of human strength in all its meanings.

About Tom Vaughan

GB United Kingdom

Tom's first book, No Ordinary Experience is based on his experience of owning a chain of travelling discotheques in the 1960s and 70s with his brother. Critically acclaimed The Other Side of Loss is Tom's first novel. Visit his blog here:!home/mainPage

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