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The Party

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April 2, 2012  |  3,924 views  |  1 review / comment

The Party - Book CoverThe Party revolves around Alex Dicks. Who is a young up and coming villain. Alex discovers at a party thrown by him and his mother for his stepfather Bobby Makin that it was he, Bobby Makin, who killed his father Clive, so he could marry his mother Sharon Dicks.
The whole story takes at Bobby’s 50TH birthday with the cream of London’s underworld present there to celebrate with him. But as the night goes on, a face from the past comes back to tell a few home truths about Bobby. So what starts out as a kind of "This is your life" for Bobby Makin evening, turns into a ‘guess what the bastard’s done to me’.

About David Hollingsworth

GB United Kingdom

My name is David Hollingsworth but I write as J D Carter; I was born in 1953 in Stepney in the east end of London. I come from a hard working class background where I was brought up in a time which was still badly affected by the war. My father was a docker and worked long hours earning just enough to put food on the table and to pay the bills. I had a happy childhood with good parents. Our...


From what I know of London's east end and its villains this is as near as it gets. A good read from beginning to the end.

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