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The Path to Meaning

Discover the Hidden Laws of the Universe
by Agnes Bodi  GB United Kingdom

September 6, 2017   |    737 reads    |   0 comments

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The Path to Meaning - Book coverMany of us struggle to find purpose in our lives. Reconnecting to your authentic self—to your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—can help you find the meaning you seek. In one hour, this book can help you take your first steps to self-improvement through a series of techniques that focus on understanding your inner self and your interaction with the universe.
These unconventional perspectives will challenge and support you to help you experience a shift in your inner and outer realms by unveiling the Universe’s gentle, “behind the curtain” scenery. Your path to meaning is waiting for you to reconnect with it.
Even if you are not familiar with spirituality or do not believe in all of its tenets, there is still much useful information to take from it. This book is for everyone who aspires to experience more authentic living in their everyday lives.

About The Author

Agnes is a educational counsellor, psychology graduate and artist. She comes from a culturally diverse family in northern Transylvania, where she was raised by her paternal grandfather, a master church restaurateur who with his lifelong activity of renovating church art became the greatest influence of her early life. After a turnaround of life events , including switching continents she returns to her artist roots , along with following her own soul path of a passionate spiritual seeker.
Today she happily writes and paints in London where she enjoys running her own groups of... more

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