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The Poems Choose Me

by Kristy Rulebreaker  HR Croatia

February 21, 2015   |    2,103 reads    |   0 comments

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The Poems Choose Me - Book Cover Did Not Load!"The Poems Choose Me" is the collection of 100 short poems written in 2014. As the title says, they really choose me, so I never know about what I will write the next. I hope to encourage people with my words. I like to write about freedom, and against injustice. Sometimes, I even write the love poems. As English is not my native language, without my editor Fred Robel I couldn't publish it. He patiently corrected my grammar mistakes. My e-book cover design made my friend Iva Mandic. For the paperback I used the free cover offered by Lulu. I hope this book is not my last.

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