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The Rapture: Misunderstood

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by Jason E. Royle  US United States

August 4, 2016   |    2,659 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Rapture: Misunderstood (book) by Jason E. RoyleIf you are searching for an unbiased, uncomplicated overview of the end times, this book is for you. When finished reading it, you will go away better prepared to talk about what you know and what you believe about the end times.

Author's Note: 

Are you worried about the future of the world? As you look at events in the world today, do you feel anxious about how history is going to end? Do predictions about coming disasters scare you? None of us will ever know all the mysteries of the future, but you can know something. In this edition of the Misunderstood Series, the author guides us gently through the adventure of learning about the end times in an entertaining, evenhanded way.


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