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The Rise of Western Lawlessness

Exposing the Ideologies Behind 21st Century Lawlessness
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by C.W. Steinle  US United States

April 15, 2016   |    1,300 reads    |   0 comments

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The Rise of Western Lawlessness (book) by C.W. SteinleConspiracy theories, hidden codes, and secret societies are not the primary drivers behind today's moral breakdown and the apostasy of the Christian Church. The principle enemies of Christianity are spiritual strongholds and arguments that exalt themselves against Christ. (2 Cor. 10:4,5) "The Rise of Western Lawlessness" documents the progression of man-centric thought, from ancient times to the present, referencing powerful Bible verses that contrast God's thoughts with the feeble and rebellious thoughts of man.

This narrative non-fiction adventure has been prayerfully assembled to lead the reader on a journey of discovery through 3,000 years of western development, stirring life-changing epiphanies about the origins and future outcome of lawlessness. Includes more than 150 supporting references and 11 illustrations.

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