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A Novel of Ascension
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by Dick Croy  US United States

May 3, 2019   |    1,784 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Shasta Gate: A Novel of Ascension by Dick Croy. Book coverIn the guise of a romantic adventure, The Shasta Gate embarks on a breathtaking exploration of love, consciousness and the nature of reality on California's legendary Mt. Shasta. Girl on a horse, guy on a motorcycle, passionate and erotic romance, deliciously wicked bad guys, and a mysterious Indian with possibly paranormal powers all catapult the reader into an unforgettable literary experience.

The novel marries the mythical quest tale with a nitty-gritty contemporary love story in which a young man and woman are so powerfully drawn to each other they oppose the attraction desperately, sensing in it great and dangerous personal change. Their mutual struggle brings out the worst and, ultimately, best in each of them, culminating in a union which we have watched evolve slowly and painfully from selfish physical attraction, and fear, to selfless love.

Author's Note: 

I see the novel as a sort of mashup of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance with Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, except that The Shasta Gate is peopled with fictional characters embodying much of the essence of their philosophical ruminations. It's subtitled A Novel of Ascension.

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