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The Stone of Gardar

by Ann Wales  GB United Kingdom

September 27, 2011   |    1,504 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Stone of GardarThe Stone of Gardar’ is the first book of the first trilogy of the ‘GUARDIANQUEST’. It was first published in 2006 by AWsome Books. It was later re-published to the Amazon Kindle store in 2011 by the estate of Ann Wales.
On a visit to St David’s, Peter discovers a mysterious stone. This proves to be a lost treasure of the Ellyllon Elves, of Arx Emain. The Elves, led by Gwyn-ap-Nudd and their GUARDIAN Anir, wish the return of their Stone, but there are dark forces who desire it also.
The chief of these dark beings being Arddu “The Dark One”, who dwells with many fearsome allies under the Prescelly Mountains. Peter, Anir and the Ellyllon will have to fight them, in order to win back their Stone! You can view some of the illustrations from the book in the ‘Stone of Gardar’ Library.
‘The Stone of Gardar’ is followed in the trilogy by ‘The Ring of Gyges’ and ‘The Shield of Agamemnon’, it can be purchased in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon.

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