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The Stranger in the Attic

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September 19, 2020  |  870 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Stranger in the Attic - Book cover"There's been another murder" yells the newsboy as he agitates a copy of the Daily News above his head.

Henrietta Jones is tired of being afraid. One by one, women with red hair are vanishing in the small town of Ember only to be found dead in an isolated Hunting Lodge at the back of the local park. Then, one cold, snowy night, a stranger appears on Henrietta's doorstep, looking for a room to rent.

Torn between suspicion, fear, and a desperate need for money, Henrietta welcomes the stranger into her home. But as the body count rises, she watches the strange man living upstairs with eagle eyes, worried that there might be a killer among them. Because Henrietta, like all the dead women, has red hair.

As she impatiently waits for the police to carry out their investigations, Henrietta realizes that danger could be closer than she thought. Her husband, her neighbor, and others around her carry long-submerged secrets that could be putting her in danger. Fearing for her life, she takes matters into her own hands, not realizing that by doing so, she has become marked for death.


Author's Notes

More than a simple mystery, this book is about a married middle-aged woman in a stagnant relationship with a lifetime of emotional burdens that she carries in her day-to-day life. When she encounters the stranger who moves into her guest room, her already narrow and unhappy point of view begins changing, enlarging her horizons, opening her eyes to her own self and leads to her examining her own place in life. More than a simple mystery, this is a story of personal growth.

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