The Truth Within

The Truth Within, Book of Light & Love by Valentina Marie - Book cover.
Book of Light & Love

29 June, 2013

This book is designed to help Lightworkers, Mystics, Psychics, Intuitives, Empaths, Indigos, Crystal Children, Bodyworkers, Nurses, Holistic Practitioners, and anyone seeking to stay on the path of Light, Love, and Truth. One is able to walk the path of righteousness in a world filled with negativity and chaos in the graces of the hands of God. Through the true teachings of Christ Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, one will experience Gnosis, or intuitive knowledge and wisdom of transcendence of the heart by way of Divine, inner, Spiritual initiations.
You will be introduced to Sophia, the true Mother Goddess of all Creation and her partner, Father Christ. You will also be introduced to the Devas, Angels, Guides, and your unseen friends all of who here to help you along our Spiritual journey. If you have this book within your grasp, you are here at this time living a life as a human Christ Avatar upon the beloved planet Earth. We must remain a bright Light for those who are lost in the ether of darkness.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1312287969


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