The Void

by KW Kuwait
March 14, 2016

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The Void (book) by Tarek Al DuaijThe void is a memoir of a life clouded by illusions and mystery. It begins early in the life of the author beginning with dreams and experiences that little by little turn into a trip that delves into psychosis. The fine line between reality and subconscious projections challenges the reader to make up their mind as to what life is really all about and whether the ghosts and demons met along the way are real or symptoms of a fractured mind. The memoir ends and introduces a fictional representation of the author's life called "Hell". Hell depicts the journey and adventure of a central character who must travel through empty land, canyon, and mountain in search for the key to his freedom. The story is cinematic and epic.

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The Void (book) by Tarek Al Duaij
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