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The Witches of Armour Hill: Switch

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by Alyssa Cooper  CA Canada

April 5, 2015   |    1,588 reads    |   0 comments

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The Witches of Armour Hill: Switch (book) by Alyssa CooperThe Witches of Armour Hill is a story of family, witchcraft, and betrayal - called an "ingenious and original" by one reader, and "the fascinating beginning of a series" by another, this is a story that opens up a whole new magical world that will appeal to readers of all ages.

Sixteen year old Margaret May Reis has recently learned the secret of her shadowed past - she is a witch, the newest link in an ancient family line. Accepted into a new family, a new home, and a new life, she begins to discover the true strength of her magical blood.

But these new opportunities don't come without a cost.

Maggie soon learns that her new family is steeped in secrets, and shrouded in darkness. It is up to her to uncover the secrets that her ancestors left buried over a century before.

About The Author

Alyssa Cooper is a Canadian writer with a graphic design diploma and a passion for story telling. She collects old books and antique typewriters, and has a preference for the darker side of fiction.

Alyssa is the author of three traditionally published books, Salvation, Benjamin, and Cold Breath of Life, as well as an independently produced collection called Whispers, and her first self-published novel, The Witches of Armour Hill: Switch.

She's currently living in Kingston, Ontario with her cats, her cacti, and her personal library, while she works diligently on The... more

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