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The Motel Room

A Ghost Story
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by Alyssa Cooper  CA Canada

May 30, 2016   |    1,275 reads    |   0 comments

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The Motel Room (book) by Alyssa Cooper“It’s a strange feeling, to be dead.”

So begins the tale of our Narrator, a ghost clinging desperately to the memory of life.

Since his death, the ghost has been trapped in a motel room, watching the comings and goings of his nightly guests. The strangers never stay more than a night or two, and they never seem to notice him – no more than he notices them. Wrapped in fading memories of the time he was alive, he drifts through time, waiting for the return of the one person he can still see clearly.

But as time stretches out before him, his frustration begins to build, boiling over into violent anger. When a young couple dares to rent his room for the night, igniting his rage, the ghost finally discovers the true power behind his ghostly form.

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