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Tilting, A Memoir

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January 30, 2018  |  1,210 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Tilting, A Memoir - Book coverWe only learned about our father's girlfriend after he became deathly ill and lay in a coma 120 miles from our home. Dad recovered, but the marriage ailed, as did Linda, with cancer. Our family began to move down an entirely different path with silver linings we wouldn't see for many years. Our family had tilted.

In this candid and compassionate memoir Nicole Harkin describes with an Impressionist's fine eye the evolution of a family that is quirky, independent, uniquely supportive, peculiarly loving and, most of all, marvelously human. Tilting, A Memoir will connect with any reader who had suffered loss.

Author's Notes

A pilot, a flight attendant, a childhood, a pontoon boat, a lot of humor, a fair bit of drama...the perfect quick read for winter.
More pictures of the players in Tilting are available at the book's website. Please check it out.

About Nicole Harkin

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Nicole Harkin currently resides in Washington, DC with her husband and two small children. She works as a writer and family photographer. As a Fulbright Scholar during law school, Nicole lived in Berlin, Germany where she studied German environmentalism. Her work can be found in Thought Collection and you are here: The Journal of Creative Geography. She is currently working on mystery set in...

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