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Times of Trial - 3

The End Times Saga
by Cliff Ball  US United States

December 14, 2013   |    1,585 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Times of Trial is the story about three Christian families who experience the persecution of Christians first hand when the U.S. becomes a Police State. Two get rounded up by government forces as the President declares a dictatorship, initiates Michael Evans' Order 21, and lays the U.S. on a course that will mean its ultimate destruction. The third family make their way from Arizona to Wyoming, where they hope a town built by Doomsday Preppers twenty years earlier will keep them safe. Micheal Evans also tries to manipulate events in the Middle East to try to to bring war between Israel and Iran.

About The Author

Cliff Ball lives in Texas, is a Christian, has two BAs, a Technical Writing Certificate, and has published ten novels and four short stories so far. Visit his website/blog at 

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