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Times of Turmoil

The End Times Saga # 1
by Cliff Ball  US United States

December 14, 2013   |    1,066 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!In Times of Turmoil, a prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial, we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves involved in: such as the return of the Israelites to Israel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the terrorism of 9/11, and eventually events that lead to government tyranny in the United States with the sole purpose of destroying Christianity and its influence in the United States.

About The Author

Cliff Ball lives in Texas, is a Christian, has two BAs, a Technical Writing Certificate, and has published ten novels and four short stories so far. Visit his website/blog at 

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