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by Ann Sepino  PH Philippines

April 22, 2019   |    435 reads    |   0 comments

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Tribeless - Book coverShe loves him, he loves her not, and there's nothing she can do about it.

In order for their tribe of Gob Edis to flourish, Naomi knows that things have to stay the way they are. She has to hide her feelings for her sister Noya's betrothed. She has to watch as an engagement between Noya and Akiba, future chief of Niatnuom, is made.

Then fate takes an astonishing turn when the wedding doesn't take place, and Naomi becomes Akiba's tribe servant instead. Now that she's part of the lowliest caste, she has to tamp down her emotions and instead carry out the duties of a Tribeless. But her new chief's tenacity and her own obstinate character make that task difficult.

When the real reason for the broken engagement is revealed, Naomi is given one last chance to profess her love, instead of just fulfill her duty.

Author's Note: 

Tribeless is a romance novel infused with light fantasy and historical elements. Its fictional world is derived from pre-colonial Philippine culture, which the two main characters have to navigate before they can obtain their happily-ever-after. This adds a unique flavor to the story that young and new adult romance readers can experience.

About The Author

"Fairy-tale fantasies for the heart."

Hello everyone! My name is Ann, and I am an independent Filipino author with a passion for poetry and writing. My love for writing began at five years old, when I drew a picture book as part of my kindergarten project. My fascination with romance novels began at fourteen. I lean towards creating female protagonists with characteristics such as loyalty, longevity and inner strength, much like the sunflower depicted in my logo.

I love writing about knights-in-distress and damsels-in-shining-armor. I also enjoy referencing and... more

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