True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival

by Karen Rice US United States
February 10, 2012

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True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and SurvivalMy first poem of poems, chronicles my true life experiences during my journey of many trials and tribulations. With the words and phrases of each poem of statement, I wishes to make a positive impact on someone whos' ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way.

My second inspirational children's book consists of a young imaginary character, who wishes for the whole world to come together in making is a better place to, live, for us all. She becomes very curios concerning the ways of life; and how people react to different life experiences. Throughout the story, she dreams of helping and fixing all the poeple that are broken; so that everyone would be happy and get alone. It becomes her life mission.


this book
it is the journey which makes us reveal so many the credit of this book goes to that journey.........great work!!!.........
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