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by Thomas Scopel  US United States

July 21, 2011   |    1,984 reads    |   0 comments

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TWITCHOccasionally, a tale comes along that combines creepy and carnival in the same sentence. Ray Bradbury has done it with Something Wicked This Way Comes. Dean Koontz has done it with Twilight Eyes. And now Thomas Scopel brings you Twitch, an EBOOK from Suspense Publishing, that brings a new twist to this genre.
Tightly written, this dark tale offers horror and suspense in a page turning quick read that will leave you aghast, frightened, angry and sad.
It is a tale of deserving retribution for those who view and treat the odd with ridicule and pain.
Twitch is an innocent deformed atrocity that has been used, abused and unwanted his whole life. But, he harbors a dark secret and his retribution is certainly far worse ... for people can be so vicious … and so can Twitch.



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