TWO sons TOO many

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TWO sons TOO many - Book coverTWO sons TOO many is a memoir of the life and times of Aidan McNally. The message is not in any way simple as he has found the will to live through adversity and life challenges time and time again.
Some could argue his early years are all his own making while he simply just gets on with it.
To overcome and adapt to changing one's character, Aidan is quite the inspiration and we can fall for him quite easily through his adventurous years.
Subtitled, To Live, Love & Lose, it is indeed a shockingly emotional read and admiration flows as the deepest of lows experienced breath to inspire us.
Truth is stranger than fiction and the unimaginable events surrounding did g this man are just that, gripping, shocking and all round rollercoaster of events.
Issues raised are all too unimaginable.
TWO sons TOO many is a must read for any who dare to imagine how lightning might ever strike twice.

Author's Notes

When finding oneself in a position of disbelief in life, To reflect is the obvious exercise that one finds themselves engaged or engrossed in. This reflection brought about the shock of how all unbelievable it. Really is and the book had to be written. Every story within the story quite real and truthful yet even I who has encourage trees,enjoyed and many times endured through this life of mine, I scratch my head in disbelief oh so many times. To aspire to inspire is definitely a favourite of mine and I like to tag along a motto for my book. Never give up, no matter how hard it gets.

About Aidan McNally

IE Ireland

Born and raised in Dublin Ireland and quite the achiever. Travel was never even a thought as a young man. Although reaching some far away places on the globe, nothing can compare to the simpleness of sanity.

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