Unchained Words

Life gives you surprises, as the song says. It applies in these twenty stories about human relations. The reader will be able to verify it throughout the stories, some of which mutate in unexpected situations. From very realistic stories to oneiric events, they are all connected by the leitmotif of this book.

 With an appreciable thematic diversity and sometimes a certain narrative brutality, they can be listed as:

•    A company with employees like any other, living situations that seem absurd.
•    A boyfriend who mutates more than his messages, throughout the relationship.
•    An unexpected call, with an even more unexpected situation.
•    A very peculiar plant, with a logical result for it.
•    A woman hesitates just at the time of marriage.
•    A short story where he shows us what is most valuable to a survivor.
•    A couple in which the lack of communication plays havoc.
•    A story about that inner voice that makes us be. For better or worse.
•    A typical everyday situation that seems endless.
•    The time we do not want to give ourselves and its consequences.
•    An extreme turn showing disconnection during the exchange of physical words.
•    Here the page shows us a very short story; you have to read it like a child.
•    A police story based on what we do not speak, with words of caliber.
•    Really, a script for the protagonist.
•    A story with a tremendous turn in it.
•    Brief tribute to my doubly stubborn dog. You will see why.
•    A mixture of reality with poetic turns, or at least that was the author's intention.
•    A sad story that we will not understand when we finish reading it but at the end. The meaning of this phrase will become clear to us with its history.
•    Who did not shake with two big eyes, in this case is not what it seems either.
•    Finally a husband who comes out with a typical excuse and shows us an oneiric reality, leaving us a disturbing sense of reality.

Author's Notes

This is a storybook with adult stories, focused on human relationships and the way we connect. But it usually happens that this connection does not occur, and that is also reflected here. Everyday or fantastic characters will make the reader feel their internal conflicts as their own. The stories show how each person's previous history makes communication easier, or impossible. It is not enough to say the words, but each part must give a similar weight to its meaning.

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Genre: Fiction > Short Stories

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ISBN: 979-8-6259-6657-3


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Paul B

3 years 10 months ago

The stories are of high quality and the characters are credible. I really like reading it! I look forward to the author's next novel!

Lee Tomyian

3 years 10 months ago

I bought the book to read something in the quarantine, but I exceeded my expectations. I quite liked it. It has some very good stories.

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