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Understanding the Benefits of Mankind

by Jimi Akanbi  US United States

December 24, 2015   |    1,276 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Understanding the Benefits of Mankind (book) by Jimi AkanbiThere are quite a few things that can affect you living a fulfilled life here on earth. When you read Understanding the Benefits of Mankind, you will not only live a fulfilled life but will also gear towards living a perfect life. Having knowledge of and applying wisdom to the truths in this book will transform your life forever.

In this book, the Author discusses various principles namely; money, time, marriage, power, life, materials and sex which when correctly applied can show you open Heavens in your life. Everyone in the world struggles with either one or more of the above principles on a daily basis, and this book provides you with a way of escape from the challenges of life.

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