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Unsocial Media

Breaking Free from the Shackles of Social Media

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May 18, 2021  |  655 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Unsocial Media - Book coverExperts on psychology and sociology view social media as a double-edged sword. It certainly has improved our life in terms of how we can get information in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, it has become an agent for disinformation, reduced productivity, and unhealthy screen time habits.

Like all swords, people must know how to wield social media to their advantage. The first step is knowing what entails its use–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Free yourself from the ball and chain of the Internet and social media with Calvin Robbins' Unsocial Media!

Unsocial Media sheds light on the negative and positive impacts of social media, addictions, and privacy concerns. Get a nuanced grasp on how these platforms are intended to catch your attention, latching on to your life, and sucking you into a deep abyss of addictive behaviours.

This book explores the science and logic behind social media platforms. It also covers these sites' effects on mental health, particularly its destructive effects on emotional well-being. Discover why and how smartphone addiction happens and how social media exacerbates this problem.

Robbins also enlightens the readers on security and privacy concerns. Know how to recognise advertisements that blur the line between bespoke content and predatory surveillance. Our book also contains a relevant discussion on how the Internet and social media shape public opinion.

In this book, you’ll encounter:

✅ Tips on how you can manage your screen time

✅ Learn the red flags indicating phone fixation, internet abuse, and internet compulsion issues

✅ Comprehensive yet easy-to-digest topics around social media

Take charge of your digital freedom. Add Unsocial Media: Breaking Free from the Shackles of Social Media to your basket TODAY!


About Calvin Robbins

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Calvin Robbins is the author behind Unsocial Media. He is a passionate IT professional. His work across multiple disciplines gives him a broad perspective of the IT experience. Having spent the last 12 years workings in IT. Many years spent working for Oracle and now currently Dell Technologies. He has a great understanding of the latest technology trends. Unsocial Media is his first book.

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