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We Are All Our Brothers' Keeper

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March 1, 2013  |  1,335 views  |  0 reviews / comments

We Are All Our Brothers' Keeper (Image Did Not Load)“We Are All Our Brothers’ Keeper” takes a critical look at the current state of minorities in America, considering the very arduous history and path that they have taken to this point.  The book focuses on the root causes of the current dismal state of things in many black neighborhoods. Specifically, the book addresses the systemic causes of poverty and economic disenfranchisement of minorities.
The book addresses the problem from the individual standpoint, addressing the role of the family and individuals in designing their path to success but at the same time recognizing the real obstacles that hinder a lot of young individuals from charting a successful path forward.
The book evaluates the role of society at large, and specifically the negative stereotypes and subliminal messaging that permeates the entire society in America. The book puts into context the systemic and psychological denigration that persists today and also the structural instruments that has existed and continues to exist today and that hinder black people from advancing in all spheres of life.
Finally, the book offers suggestions and opportunities to develop and chart a different path for all Americans irrespective of race.  The role of the various groups in society is emphasized and both the urgency and necessity for change is highlighted.

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Debbie Adadevoh is a wife and mother of three boys and works for a non-profit social organization in New Jersey. Debbie enjoys mentoring and guiding young people through challenges and helping them to set goals in order to realize their own potential. Debbie believes that many of our youth are simply looking for someone to encourage them to believe in themselves.

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