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What If…Superheroes Were Real

by Shannon Sonneveldt  US United States

August 10, 2013   |    1,965 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!JJ loves to imagine new worlds where anything is possible. In this book, we see the world he creates using his imagination as he plays the ‘What If’ game with his mom. A world where superheroes are real. 
Not only are superheroes real, but everyone has the potential within themselves to become a superheroes if they believe in themselves and their unique gifts. A group of young superheroes band together to form the Warriors of Truth and are in a race to help others see their potential before the Band of Bullies can get to them first and convince them that they are unworthy. This book finds Caitlyn who is sensitive to others feelings and loves animals. Will the Warriors of Truth convince her of how special she is or will the Band of Bullies get to her first? 
What is your special gift and what superhero would you become?

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