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Experience Life in Poetry: Family, Friends and Romantic Relationships

by Shannon Sonneveldt  US United States

March 16, 2013   |    1,152 reads    |   0 comments

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Experience Life in Poetry (book image did not load)This is volume two in the Experience Life in Poetry series, a series that reflects observations and emotions at any given moment in life from childhood to present time. Think of moments that stood out in time for you. Moments that made you laugh, made you cry, made you think or made you sigh. Hopefully, you will experience these same emotions through the poems in the book whether it’s wonder, laughter, understanding or something all together different. I hope it makes you think or makes you feel.
This volume contains approximately 90 poems organized in the following topics:
Family – these include thoughts, feelings and experiences with family members from parents (including step-parents), siblings, grandparents, and more
Friendship – these include reflections of what good friends mean to us throughout our life
Romantic Relationships – this section contains expressions of joys, struggles, frustrations and fears experienced as people enter into romantic relationships from the dream to the reality of forever or goodbye
Enjoy your journey through life in poetry!

About The Author

Shannon Sonneveldt has almost 20 years experience in learning and development and through experience has learned best practices and the value of application and performance-based learning solutions. She has served as a facilitator, instructional designer, instructional design manager and project manager in the learning arena. For more than eight years Shannon has researched, designed, developed and facilitated virtual classroom learning solutions. She has trained both instructional designers and facilitators in multiple countries in both design and delivery of effective training in the... more

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