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Book by Andra Lei

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October 27, 2011  |  20,687 views  |  2 reviews / comments

Whatever! Journal for the Nonchalant Girl (book image did not load)See how God took a typical nonchalant girl and matured her into a young woman who does not take the word Whatever lightly.

Get a realistic view on the life of a Christian. Her journal is now your journal.


About Andra Lei

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Andra Lei is a creative individual with a passion for writing, ministry, and fine arts. Her goal is to further her career as an author and journalist while building an audience of diverse readers. Andra Lei is pursuing a Bachelor of Ministry Degree in Christian Publications and Journalism at Freedom Bible College and Seminary. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband.


Whatever Journal for the Nonchalant Girl is a refreshing sound for young teens and young adults in our society today. Andra Lei is not just your typical writer, her approach is realistic, practical, and honest. As a Christian Author she writes to love and embrace her viewers through her out of the box creativity and message. Whatever Journal for the nonchalant girl will show young ladies that the word whatever means more than just how it sounds and for young men we get a second chance to do it right. Very practical, very refreshing.

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