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Where is Home?

Book by Paul Lambis

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October 1, 2011  |  3,579 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Where is Home?Paul Charalambous is nearing his forties. Bored, unhappy and on his way to financial disaster, he decides to change his thoughts as he sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Re-inventing himself as the prodigious Mr. X, he begins to search for a new home and a new life while using his personal experiences as a stepping stone.
‘Where is Home?’ is an entertaining autobiography of an overweight boy growing up Greek in South Africa. Overcoming the challenges of puberty, parental embarrassment, sibling rivalry, crime, death (and near-death), and immigration-–he encounters a new world of entertainment, spirituality and the opposite sex. Using only what works for him and applying it to marriage and parenthood, he tries to find the true meaning of family, and a home in London (or Cyprus)–-which includes all of them in it.
But, will his travels lead him to the solutions he is desperately searching for?

About Paul Lambis

CY Cyprus

PAUL LAMBIS is a South African born Cypriot who immigrated to Cyprus in 2002. He is a Graphic Designer and an editor for a leading magazine in Cyprus. He has worked as a radio broadcaster and copywriter for a local radio and newspaper. Married with one child, Paul enjoys travelling to London on a regular basis. His previous work includes a novel, The Turkish Princess and various short...

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