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Why Not Kill Her

A Juror’s Perspective – The Jodi Arias Death Penalty Retrial
by Paul Sanders  US United States

August 13, 2017   |    978 reads    |   0 comments

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Why Not Kill Her - Book cover“Amazing book. Awesome author. Book was spot on and brought you right into the trial…”

The true story of the death penalty retrial of Arizona’s most deadly woman, Jodi Arias, and the jury tasked with her fate in the brutal killing of Travis Alexander. If you enjoyed Prosecutor Juan Martinez’ book, ‘Conviction’, you will surely love ‘Why Not Kill Her’, the only book exclusively on the media sanctioned second trial!

Author's Note: 

Paul Sanders was a death penalty juror for Marissa DeVault, ranked Arizona’s ninth most deadly female killers. He went on to write three books on the world’s most sensational trials including that of Arizona’s most deadly woman, Jodi Arias. His compassion for the victims and their families throughout each work separates him from the typical true crime author.

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