Winter's Past (2nd Chance Series)

by Mary E Hanks US United States
March 26, 2013

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Winter's Past (book image did not load)Focused on the ministry and determined to stay single, Winter speaks at conferences across the country. When a church cancels and her adviser schedules meetings in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho—a city she’s avoided for ten years—Winter must face two things. Her past. And the fact she hasn’t forgiven Ty Williams, her ex.
Desperately hoping Ty doesn’t show up in church, Winter arrives in Coeur d’Alene amid a flurry of nerves. But just as she fears, the darling of her youth attends the conference. Only this man who broke her heart has radically changed. He stands before her crying—crying!—and humbly asks her forgiveness, and then he prays for her like a long-lost friend, tenderly warming the forgotten places of her heart.
Is reconciliation possible? Can Winter forgive the past and open her heart to a 2nd chance at romance? Or is it way too late?

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Winter's Past (book image did not load)