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The Wishing Tree

An Adventure in Imagination Land
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May 11, 2023  |  169 views

The Wishing Tree by Anushka Bhattacharjee - Book cover.The Wasp has escaped!
It has been a thousand years since the great hero, Cordelia, captured the Wasp.
With his superpowers, the Wasp can exercise mind control over any unmagical creature on this planet.

The entire world is frightened.
Three sisters have been tracked down by the Queen's men and tasked on this critical mission to stop the Wasp.
The Wishing Tree in the Kingdom of Spirits can fulfill their wish, but it is surrounded by Evil Kingdoms.

Can they cross all the hurdles and reach the Wishing Tree?
Can they save all the Kingdoms of Imagination land that are under the Wasp's threat?

About Anushka Bhattacharjee

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Anushka published her first book at eight years old. Her first book ""My Magic Mirror"" won the ""Readers' Favorite"" Gold Award. Do you know how she became an author? Her love for reading books! She started reading at the age of two and reads over a 1000 books every year! She was bored during Covid-19 since she couldn't even borrow books from library. She decided to write up a story so...

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My Magic Mirror by Anushka Bhattacharjee. Book cover

My Magic Mirror


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