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50+ insider tactics for age 50+ entrepreneurs

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Workarounds: 50+ insider tactics for age 50+ entrepreneurs - Book coverNews: See articles about "Workarounds" on (PBS) Next Avenue and Forbes.

Far too many age 50-plus business professionals are unemployed, under-employed or feel like giving up on their careers. They have been devalued in many industries due to ageism and as a negative side-effect of the global economy. All of this is despite the fact that they have a wealth of knowledge, powerful skills, priceless experience and a wealth of contacts.

And this isn't just about the effects of such talent being under-utilized or wasted. The negative economic impact of not having this talent in our global workforce is enormous. Entrepreneurship, through solo or micro businesses, is the best option for many of these talented people-like you.

This book contains over 50 workarounds for the common "pain points" age 50-plus entrepreneurs face as they operate, market and grow their ventures. Each workaround contains multiple action items and tactical options to implement immediately. All of this advice applies to a wide range of contract-based business services and even many product-based enterprises. Workarounds is all about strategies and tactics to drive success in the competitive private sector, government and non-profit marketplaces.

Workarounds offers lessons learned from the author's decades of self-employment experience and years of research. Additionally, this book contains interview quotes from 20 of the world's most recognized career coaches, entrepreneurship experts, authors/speakers and futurists who advise millions of age 50-plus businesspeople across the globe. Benefit from insights and advice from thought leaders and best-selling authors including Seth Godin, John Tarnoff, Whitney Johnson, Jacob Morgan, Kerry Hannon, Nancy Collamer, Richard Eisenberg, Tom Goodwin, Dr. Ross McKenzie and Marc Miller.

Author's Notes

I've faced subtle and obvious age discrimination since I was around 45 and learned something about how to pivot around those barriers. But the big motivation to write this book was from stories told to me by friends and colleagues. It broke my heart to hear how frustrated they were trying to get traditional jobs, despite the amazing talents and value they had to offer employers. Most never would have considered launching their own businesses if they hadn't been in a position where they had no other choice. I've tried to offer advice to many of these peers and was thrilled to do my little bit to help them succeed at extending their careers through self-employment. My book is a compilation of that advice, lessons I learned and tips from experts in my network of contacts across the globe.

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