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Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon

Book by Belle Brown

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Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon by Belle Brown. Book coverYani is a young, fun-loving unicorn who lives in the magical forest with her mommy. One day, her mommy has to go out to help a friend on the moon, so Yani is left on her own for the very first time.

At first, Yani doesn’t know what to do with herself, and wonders why her mommy has left her all alone. She feels sad and thinks she will have to sleep the whole day. However, Yani decides that she needs to do something fun, and decides to go to Unicorn Valley instead of moping around all day.

On her journey to Unicorn Valley, Yani meets a bunch of new animal friends to play with and discovers a newfound self-confidence that she never knew she had. When it comes time to go back home, Yani is so glad to see her mommy, who is very proud of her. This inspiring story of love and bravery will warm hearts from start to finish.


Author's Notes

Separation anxiety is a difficult struggle for young children and parents—this heart-warming story can help!

Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon is a heart-warming children’s picture book that will teach your child self-confidence when it comes to dealing with separation anxiety. The beautiful full-colour illustrations and simple language make this book perfect for story time or night-time reading.

Follow Yani on a magical adventure of bravery, maturity, and overcoming fears.

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