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You Are Magical

magnifiqueNOIR - Book Two
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by Briana Lawrence  US United States

December 25, 2019   |    783 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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You Are Magical - Book cover"It's all fun and games until you question the magic."

Our favorite magical girl squad is back for their regularly scheduled program.

Kind of.

After the last colossal battle, Marianna, Bree, and Lonnie are trying their best to recover, but the daily monsters don't give a lick about self-doubt and personal struggles. Fortunately, Prism Pink is there to lend a hand, turning the trio into a courageous group of girls who can take on whatever threat comes their way.

There's just one problem: they still don't know who Prism Pink is or where she came from.

In fact, where did any of this come from?

The monsters. The magical powers. What does any of it mean? It's time to start getting answers, but are the girls ready to hear the truth? Knowledge is power, as they say, but power is fickle and can be corrupted so easily. After all, Blaze never said what happened to the previous generation of magnifiqueNOIR, did she?

Author's Note: 

Thank you for your interested in my lovely, queer, magical girls. Make sure you check out the first book as well as my other works!

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