YouMap - Book cover.
Find Yourself. Blaze Your Path. Show the World!

10 April, 2020

YouMap, an international Amazon bestseller, helps people uncover their four pillars of career fit; strengths, values, preferred skills, and personality-based interests. Kristin Sherry, the creator of the YouMap® career profile, walks readers through the process of self-discovery, like a coach in their pocket. Readers will discover what they do best that others need most, which is helpful for students, career changers, entrepreneurs, and those who are unemployed, misemployed, or underemployed.

YouMap® also contains expert guidance from other top career services authors, speakers and award winning job search strategists in cover letters, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, networking and interviewing. Step-by-step guidance is provided to land a job you'll love or maximize your potential in your current position. The book includes free downloads and resources, including a one-page summary template to display your strengths, values, skills and personality, which is perfect for job interviews or to share with team members.

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