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Your Fabulous First Book

How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection

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January 20, 2021  |  3,218 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Your Fabulous First Book by Andrea Susan Glass. Book coverIn "Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection", award-winning ghostwriter, book coach, and author, Andrea Susan Glass, takes the unique approach to travel on the book writing journey along with the reader as she writes her own first book and shares her experiences.

The inspiring quotes, the revealing stories of ghostwriting clients, and the highly structured path to surmount any fears, excuses, or challenges by finding clarity, building confidence, and making connections lead the reader to a satisfying conclusion: a fabulous first book. The valuable resources and action steps to implement the concepts give readers a guaranteed solution to realizing their dream of writing and publishing a book.   

Author's Notes

My book is a preparation for first-time nonfiction authors to get off to a great start in writing their book. It also aids them in getting over fears, excuses, and any obstacles in their way to finishing and publishing their book. It took me 30 years to finally write my first book when I initially decided to I wanted to be a bestselling author. Then it took a year and a half to decide what to write, write the book, get it edited and reviewed, and learn book marketing so I could have a successful launch--which I did! My mission is to help everyone who wants to write a nonfiction book to either share their expertise or build a writing career or receive passive income--or whatever other reason--to be able to surmount their challenges and achieve their dream of becoming an author.

About Andrea Susan Glass

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Andrea Susan Glass is an award-winning ghostwriter and book coach for first-time nonfiction authors. For more than 20 years, she's ghostwritten dozens of books and copy edited hundreds of nonfiction books. As a book coach she's guided countless new authors to write and publish their book, some to bestseller status. Andrea is a long-time instructor for the University of California,...

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