Your Next Big Idea

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Your Next Big Idea by Samuel Sanders. Book coverDo you ever look at a business or invention and wonder, “How did they come up with that?” Your Next Big Idea tackles that question by teaching you an innovative idea-development process. The book is designed to be interactive, with each section featuring exercises and information that will challenge your perspective.

No matter what your current level of creativity, ideation, or problem-solving skills, this book will show you how entrepreneurs, business professionals and everyday people come up with big game-changing ideas. Ultimately, this book will help you create a process to test and validate solutions that will unleash Your Next Big Idea.


Author's Notes

I wrote this book because I was frustrated with how we teach creativity and business in our education system. We so often look at established businesses or ideas themselves, but not how the person comes up with the idea. The fact that we skip out on teaching ideation leads many people to give up and label themselves as ‘not creative,’ when in reality, we all have the potential to come up with great ideas! I hope that Your Next Big Idea can help people light that creative spark and find an idea they can pursue to make an impact.

I hope you can use some skills learned in this book to help make an impact in your career or life! Please share with friends :).

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Samuel Sanders is an award-winning entrepreneur who has seen entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and ideation in action at a Fortune 500 company, an INC 5000 fastest-growing company, incubators, and companies he started himself. In this book, he takes the lessons he has learned from these vastly different worlds and combines them into an all-in-one book that will...

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