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Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup!

by JKaylin  US United States

October 27, 2012   |    1,023 reads    |   0 comments

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Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup! (book) by JKaylin"Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup!” is a book which is very rare. It is a book with which no one can compare to any other good Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup book that is so rare.

This book is aimed at an audience of children between the ages of 3 and 10. It can be enjoyed by pre-readers as well as beginning and intermediate readers. Above all, people of all ages will enjoy this fun and inspirational book of children's poetry by author and illustrator J.Kaylin.

"Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup!" with its silly poetry, limericks and puns, parodies and common non-sense is also meant to encourage readers to think of themselves as being special while they discover the magic of the written word through child rhymes and unusual verse.

J.Kaylin's understanding of children and the child within is once again evident in this delightfully written and illustrated children's book. So whatever tickles your ribs and turns your pages, fires up your kindling or nooks your book, slays your Jabberwocky, sings your song of sixpence, zizzer-zazzers your zuzz, un-noodles your knots, or just zam zibbs your zots, professional editors have described J.Kaylin as the next generation in humor and word play since Ogden Nash.

About The Author

Jeffery Kalinowski who writes under the pen name J.Kaylin is the owner and manager of Twilight Art and Book Publishers. In this role, Mr. Kalinowski looks after, coordinates, manages, and leads all aspects of printing and the self-publishing of his own children's books,including marketing, sales, and artistic design.

He is a qualified writer and publisher and holds the Highest Honors Associates Degree in Humanities from the College of DuPage. Jeffery Kalinowski is no stranger to writing, printing, and publishing having spent 20 years as an artist and writer, 15 years as a... more

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