Interview with Author David E. Shaolian

David E. Shaolian is an author and novelist from Canada. In this brief interview David talks about his personal experiences and insights about promoting his book. David is the author of Happy Campers.

What literary genres you write?
I write General Literary Fiction.

Were there difficulties in promoting your book?
One of the main difficulties I face is time constraints. Like many authors, writing is not my full-time job; I also work full-time as a high school English teacher, a career I really love. It's always a juggling act, trying to balance work, family and household responsibilities, along with promoting the novel.

What are the main methods and ways you follow to spread the word about your book?
I use a variety of methods to promote my novel. I am active on a variety of websites. I also use more traditional methods, like contacting the media for features or interviews.

Do you have a certain routine you follow (for example, daily things to do for that purpose)?
I don't really have a routine. I just spend a fair amount of time in the evenings and on weekends doing a variety of things to promote the novel. Sometimes, when I'm able to, I'll make some phone calls during the day.

How much of your time did you spend to promote your book and how much time for writing? and do you think that the efforts you spend in spreading the word about your book takes you from your passion for writing?
For me, the whole process is cyclical. When I was writing, that's all I concerned myself with; now that I'm in the promotion phase, that's my focus. With time constraints being what they are right now, I can't imagine writing another novel yet. I'd love to, but right now, I'm focused on promoting my first novel. I'm hoping that someday, I'll begin writing another novel, since I really love the writing process.

To what extent you feel you were successful?
I believe I'm quite successful in the sense that people are gradually discovering the novel, and those who have read it have provided a great deal of positive feedback, both in person, and online. People are really connecting with the characters and story, and are thoroughly enjoying it, so for me, it's a wonderful feeling.

To what extent do you use social networking sites? and can you consider it primary for you in promotion?
I do use social media and consider it quite important, but I also like to combine it with more traditional methods.

What are your recommendations for people who share the same talent with you?
I recommend that they be very persistent. Writing a book isn't easy, but it is very satisfying. However, writing is the fun part. Promoting the work is much more challenging. Stick with it through all phases, and best of luck!

Any final words regarding promotion for authors?
Utilize a variety of methods, explore different possibilities, and be very determined. It's a tough business, but it's very worthwhile. would like to thank David E. Shaolian for taking the time to share with us these valuable information, insights and experience about promoting his novel.



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