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by Stacy Meadows / US United States

Have you ever been with family or friends and went to a movie, rented a VCR tape or DVD, or turned on the television to watch a movie or show that they wanted to watch, and you thought all right this might be interesting, but found yourself totally bored about five to ten minutes into the program? Maybe you started poking fun at the program, left, shut it off, or simply changed the channel even though your family and friends wanted to watch it ...


The Movie Game - Book cover
by Linda Tremer / US United States

With over 3,000,000 books published in the U.S every year it's easy for your book to get lost in the crowd. Today, a book trailer is necessary for marketing your book. This course will teach you how to make a professional book trailer. I will walk you through everything you will need to produce your own professional looking book trailer. And best of all you can save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. Follow along as we use live video capture to instruct you on how to use Audacity and Windows Live Movie Maker.


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by Austin Hein / US United States

It's a little confusing with how I mixed the audio and everything so this is basically what I did. I used Jordan Sparks and George for the vocals and took out Chris Brown. I was able to take his voice out by completely cutting the audio track where Chris Brown would sing and recreating it with multiple midi tracks I recorded on my keyboard along with multiple layers of George's vocals.


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by TR Johnson / US United States

I believe it is God ordained when your passion comes (seemingly) by chance. You feel in your heart, somehow you know – you just know its right for you. My writing started as a thank-you to eight earthly women who came to my daughter’s rescue. These women, I started calling Angels were a Godsend for my daughter.


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by Sofia / US United States

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A Random Book

Accounting for Love
Accounting for Love - Book cover
by Erin Wright