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a.j. Lombardi


a.j. Lombardi is a new American author and screenwriter whose style of writing captures various venues of which include; western, mystery, thrillers, humor, coming of age, drama, children's stories, sci-fi, and comedy.

Books by a.j. Lombardi

The Godfather Connection - Book cover
A new crime family saga begins under the watchful eyes of Godfather Uncle Vincent. Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal ensues in this exciting new drama of a crime family's rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas. On the corner of Nello St., a group of teenage boys are hanging around under a dimly lit streetlight. A black limo slowly pulls up, and the passenger in the back seat motions the driver to pull over to the side of the road ...
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers