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The Godfather Connection

A new family crime saga begins here

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April 1, 2021  |  1,903 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Godfather Connection - Book coverA new crime family saga begins under the watchful eyes of Godfather Uncle Vincent. Family loyalty, romance, and betrayal ensues in this exciting new drama of a crime family's rise from humble beginnings in Italy to New York and onto the casinos of Vegas ...

On the corner of Nello St., a group of teenage boys are hanging around under a dimly lit streetlight. A black limo slowly pulls up, and the passenger in the back seat motions the driver to pull over to the side of the road. Seated in the back seat of the limo is crime boss Gino Regalo. The rear window is lowered, and he sits quietly observing the teenagers. On Nello, St. is Saint Michael's church along with three family homes. Clotheslines stretch from one to another, with clothing and white sheets flapping in the breeze. An elderly woman is seen from an open window cooking on her stove. The sweet aroma of fresh bread baking, meatballs, sausage drifting from the open window fills the warm summer night. Alone in his thoughts, Gino thinks back in time to his innocent childhood in the old neighborhood. Looking over at Saint Michael's church, he recalls when he and his cousin Cosmo were altar boys there. Since those long-lost days, a lot has changed in the life of Gino Regalo. For Gino, he can only go back to those days in the memories he keeps silently in his heart...


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