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Alex Fabler


Hello! I am sincerely glad that you visited my page! I am an aspiring author and I create books for children in English, French and German. I work with professional illustrators and writers. It is very important for me that the books are created with a soul and put, after reading, pleasant emotions.

I sincerely hope that you and your children will like my work and look forward to new editions. See you on the pages of new books!

Books by Alex Fabler

Girl and Unicorn - Happy Birthday - Book cover

This book is a perfect birthday gift for the little girl that adores stories about unicorns. You can read it to your child for her birthday and it will the best congratulation that your child won’t forget! It is designed in verse form and contains 10 quatrains about a little girl and her best friend Unicorn. The girl’s birthday comes, and the fairytale Unicorn visits her with a lot of presents. He gives her a magic wand as a present and they set off on the breathtaking journey with fantastic adventures.

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