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Girl and Unicorn - Naughty little princess

Picture book for girls ages 6 - 12
by Alex Fabler  RU Russian Federation

April 21, 2021   |    529 reads    |   0 comments

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Girl and Unicorn - Naughty little princess - Book coverThis is an unusual book. It is unique. It is published in small editions, like an author's book. It has just magical illustrations and your child will like them. Especially if she loves unicorns!

What is it about? That each of us can make this world a little better.

This book is about a little obstinate princess who is used to being obeyed by everyone. Until, one magical day, she meets a kind, but strict Unicorn! He points out to the princess her disobedient character and shows how much pain she causes to the world around her.

This book will help your child pay attention to the world around him and understand that giving is much better than receiving.


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