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Girl and Unicorn - New Bedtime Story

by Alex Fabler  RU Russian Federation

May 6, 2021   |    450 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Girl and Unicorn - New Bedtime Story - Book coverThis book is a perfect gift for the little girl that adores stories about unicorns. You can read it to your child before going to sleep and it will the best way to say “goodnight”!

This book about the girl that has a lot of questions dealt with wondering how the world works. The fairytale unicorn helps her to find all the answers. They set off on the magic journey and visited amazing places. The whole book is full of love and tenderness and your child will be gradually absorbed in the magic and fantasy world of fairytale creatures.

The book is written in plain language, it is easy to read, and its illustrations are a kind of real magic! We sincerely hope that it will make a really good impression on you and your child.


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