Alice June


Dear reader, My name is Alice June. I come from the Netherlands, a country of beautiful nature, colorful tulip fields and centuries-old windmills.

Ever since I was a little girl, I adored drawing dolls, people, flowers, houses, toys and animals, so when I grew up, I decided to become an interior designer. Even though I like my job, I never ceased to illustrate things that children love and can easily relate to. My husband, who is a well-known publisher, has always been aware of this passion of mine and published a bevy of my drawings. He even made a couple of paper-backed transformers out of my designs! Those, I have to admit, are my true favorites, and I often show them to my grandchildren who live in Amsterdam together with my son. They love playing with them and are always up for a good bedtime story that I am happy to tell them. Afterward we discuss the characters and the situations and come up with new ideas. It is definitely a great way to connect with each other.

Since I truly love what I am doing, I decided to give up my job and devote all of my time to making children’s books, which are now available on Amazon. I want others to enjoy them as much as I do. I am also willing to encourage parents to spend more time with their children.

My stories are all about love, friendship, kindness, and feelings as I really want kids to understand the true values of life such as virtuousness and compassion. They have a touch of magic to them and a moral that will tug at kids ’hearts.

Books by Alice June

Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars - Book cover
Graf the Puppy and the Night of the Stars is a bedtime story in English that is great for kids who love animals and magic. It is a fantastic illustration of how kindness and candidness help those in true need. Do you believe in magic? Graf the puppy lives inside a mansion together with his mommy. His life is easy and enjoyable. But he is also a curious little fellow. The world outside the mansion excites him, and he yearns to find out how other dogs live.
Fiction > Children
Lily Meets Animal Friends - Book cover
Lily Meets Animal Friends is a bedtime book in English that is funny, kind, and educational. It follows the story of Lily, a little girl who adores animals. Get ready to meet all sorts of animals and find out why racoons’ tails are striped. Lily has! She is a little girl who loves animals and wants to meet them all. It doesn’t matter a bit what they look like or where they live, Lily yearns to get to know them all. One day she decides to embark on a journey that turns out to be amazing.
Fiction > Children
Karen Teaches to Tell the Time - Book cover
Karen Teaches to Tell the Time is a learning book for kids that teaches how to read the analog clock. It contains a detailed description of how the clock’s hands work, what they mark as well as a bevy of examples. This book will teach your child to tell the time in no time, even without a smartphone at hand. Karen does a lot! Today she is turning eight and she is going to celebrate her birthday with her friends Helen and Lizzy.
Fiction > Children